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Staying On Top of The Job Market


In this world where everything comes with a price, getting money and having money are means of survival as nothing comes for free. In most cases, the way and how of getting money is tied down to have a job. But in this 21st century where technology has taken over most duties performed by man and also the downturn of economic activities, getting a job is not so easy anymore. Due to recent economic recessions, most companies find themselves downsizing and restructuring which in turn leads to them eliminating certain functions and duties in an attempt to save cost. The impact of these activities is mostly felt by the workers first before other members of the society. If you do not fit the criteria or the company feels your role can better be served by a machine, workers are let go.


With jobs being few and far between, the question is how do you stay on top of the job market food chain? Nowadays, positions are no longer advertised on the classifieds of newspapers rather, everything has been moved to the internet thanks to advanced technology. Companies now advertise vacant positions on the career section of their corporate site and applicants are expected to fill forms online. The ability to gain access to this information relies on the applicant being able to research or constantly checkup these sites. This can often be wearing and time consuming as time spent constantly checking for updates can be spent elsewhere.


Developers and programmers identified this problem and therefore came up with an avenue whereby jobs and vacancies can be available to the job seeker without having to stress. Job sites pertaining only to advertisement of latest and top job openings were developed. Now, all the average job seeker has to do is gill in information about skills, education and experiences and have tailored jobs sent to their mail or search using filters for relevant vacancies. These job sites like the Kenyan job hubs due to being on the internet use their programming to continually search the net for openings of daily jobs in kenya whether on social media or the sites of companies that is of top interest.


Apart from being a source of job vacancies, they also display information on the skills needed to fill a position. Locality, experience, industry, age and other things are also information included. Regardless of the type of job freelancing, part-time, full-time, online, stay at home, etc., there are sites like with information on jobs in Kenya.